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We Went Viral For A Diapering Package Under $300

We Went Viral For A Diapering Package Under $300

Did you see what happened on my TikTok yesterday? I'll never understand that algorithm.  But this post took off for some reason 🤷‍♀️.  

I guess it's news to lots of parents that you actually can diaper a baby in natural fabrics for under $300 (Canadian).  Technically the order I packed in that video was only $236.34 but you get the idea.  

The order had:
24 Kanga Care Bamboo Flats
2 Rumparooz One Size Covers
1 Package of Snappi Fasteners
1 Package of Esembly Overnighters
1 Package of Esembly Stay Dry Liners

That's enough flats to wash about every second day.  If those were the only diapers in your stash, it would be tight with only 2 covers, but you could get by if you needed to in a pinch.  However even with 3 more covers you'd still come in at about $300 and shipping would be free

If minimalism is your jam - flats are a great way to go. 

Not sure how to fold a flat? Here's one way (tutorial)

See flat diaper selection

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