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What Are Packing Pods For?

What Are Packing Pods For?

Are you a diaper pod person? Diaper pods, or packing pods as they are sometimes called, are an alternative style of washable, water-resistant wet bag that can be used for lots of different things - not just diapers. 

Personally, I actually prefer a regular travel size wet bag myself for diapers (preferably a double pocket one). But I find these washable rectangular pods really useful for other things like:
- Packing a change of clothes for daycare, preschool or a day at Grandmas.
- Stashing in the car with an emergency backup diaper and change of clothes or first aid type supplies. 
- As a lunch carry tote or for breast pump/supplies on the go.
- Packing shoes and baby clothes in a big suitcase so they stay separate.
- Storing things in closets.
- Keeping electronics and phones clean and dry at the lake, beach or pool. Or as a carry all for sunscreen, snacks and baby hats.
- Holding wet swim suits, goggles and a small towel for swim lessons.
- It's a great large makeup and hair accessory bag for dance families.
- Hanging from a stroller for snacks and sippy cups.

What would you use pods for?
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