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OsoCozy Flat Diapers Birdseye Weave - Unbleached Organic Cotton (6 Pack)

by OsoCozy
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OsoCozy flat cloth diapers are 1 layer thick, 27x30.5in. square (pre-washing) and can be folded different ways for a customized fit on baby. Flats can be fastened with pins or diaper fasteners like a Snappi and require a diaper cover on top for waterproofing.
Learn more about flats.
Learn how to fold flat diapers

These 100% organic cotton unbleached flats come in a pack of 6.

OsoCozy flats are a step up in quality and function over brands sometimes found in chain stores as they have used the same heavy weight, high quality birdseye weave material for over 20 years. These are diaper service quality (DSQ) flats that can take the rigours of commercial washing.  They are time-tested flats that have been around for a long time. They are easy to wash, the least likely diaper style to have buildup or stink issues with and the fastest to dry in the machine or on a clothes line. 

These flats can be folded to fit babies between aprox. 6-30lbs.

In addition to diapering, these flats are popular as dish towels, burp cloths, lap pads, changing pads, bibs, wash cloths and baby wipes. These lint free diapers are also used as optical cleaning cloths, CD/Record/Computer cleaning cloths, for shoeshine or automotive polishing rags and for general purpose cleaning and polishing rags around the home. 

They are definitely usable for multiple children as there are no snaps, velcro or elastics to wear out and are completely biodegradable leaving no carbon or waste footprint when you're done with them. 

Each package comes with folding and washing instructions.

Made in Pakistan
Fabric: 100% Unbleached Organic Cotton


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