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What Is A Fitted Diaper?

What Is A Fitted Style Cloth Diaper?

A fitted diaper is a cloth diaper style that is entirely absorbent. It has a snap or velcro closure and elastics at the legs and waist. Made from several layers of absorbent material, they are great for nighttime or whenever you need a lot of absorbency. Fitteds look like diapers, but they require a waterproof cover overtop.

Depending on the brand, fitted cloth diapers can be made from cotton, bamboo, hemp or blends of those.

fitted diaperfitted cloth diaperWhile they can be bulkier than other types of diapers and take longer to dry, you often only need a few in your stash as your nap or nighttime diapers when bulk isn't as much of an issue. 

When it's time to change baby, just remove the diaper, dump any solids into the toilet and store in a wet bag until wash day.  If the cover isn't soiled you can reuse the cover with a fresh fitted inside if you wish.  Similar to prefolds with covers, you'll want about 2-3 fitteds for every 1 cover in your stash. 

*TIP - since fitted diapers can absorb a lot of pee, it's best to rinse saturated overnight diapers before placing them in the wet bag between washes.  A quick rinse in the bathtub or with a diaper sprayer can remove a good amount of urine so that there is less urine sitting in the wet bag between washes that can break down into ammonia.  Ammonia makes diapers very stinky and gives baby a chemical burn type rash. Ammonia can be an issue if your diapers aren't getting fully clean.  So, rinse those fitteds if you can, especially toddler ones for successful nighttime diapering with cloth. 

 PROS of Fitted Diapers
- Very absorbent; great for naps, nighttime and heavy wetters
- Generally made of natural fabrics - cotton, bamboo, hemp or blends of those
- Often come as a one size design with snaps in front that can adjust it to fit 

CONS of Fitted Diapers
- Bulkier than other styles
- Longer dry time
- Require a good wash routine to make sure all the layers get fully clean at wash time

Fitted cloth diapers are readily available from many different brands and are easy to use.  They are a wonderful choice for diapering your baby. 

Fitted diapers we stock here at Cloth Diaper Kids:
Tots Bots
EcoPosh by Kanga Care

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