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Feeling a little overwhelmed with all the cloth diapering info out there? Not sure the differences between all the options or which one might be right for you? Do you have cloth diapering questions?

Then our Cloth Diapering Groups, Guides and Social Media can help you!

We have several ways for you to learn more about cloth diapers from the comfort of your home:

1) Get the FREE Easy Cloth Diapering Guide

2) Watch a replay of one of my live learning sessions HERE

3) Browse through all the videos on my YouTube Channel

4) Join our Learn Cloth Diapering 101 group on Facebook (look under the 'video's tab once you're in).  This Facebook group is run by me, Stephanei, owner of Cloth Diaper Kids and is a great place to ask beginner questions in a supportive space.

5) Follow me on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok

Or you can always just as a question anytime by contacting me here 

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