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April Is Earth Month: Ideas For Busy Families

April Is Earth Month: Ideas For Busy Families

It's that time again and Earth Day, April 22, is around the corner.  Why is Earth Day important?  It's a time of year when we can all reflect on our choices and evaluate what we can do to help leave Mother Earth better for future generations while improving our own quality of life too. 

While I don't think paper straws are the solution, I do think high quality reusable items, fixing things that break and moving towards slow fashion solutions could reduce lots of needless waste in our communities. Getting a handle on countries with large manufacturing industries and few environmental regulations would also be a good area of focus, but alas I am one person. 

What are some easy ways for busy families to make a difference?  Here's a few suggestions: 

- Shop at thrift shops, consignment stores, or other second hand marketplaces for clothing and toys. 
- Purchase higher quality clothing and pass them down to younger kids or other family/friends.
- Consider cloth diapers (either full or part time).
- Try a minimalist capsule style wardrobe with fewer more interchangeable clothing items.
- Reusable water bottles, glass baby bottles and reusable snack and lunch containers.
- Plant a garden.  It's a great activity to get kids involved in.  Growing fruits and veggies help supplement your grocery bill or planting flowers helps our honey bees and other pollinators. 
- Meal plan before grocery shopping to reduce food waste (and your grocery bill).
- Teach your family to turn off lights when leaving a room.
- Support local farmers, locally grown food or other farm to table opportunities from sustainable agriculture.
- Purchase rechargeable batteries for electronics and toys. 
- Have a no junk mail sign to reduce paper flyer waste. 

There are so many other ways as well so try what works for your family.  Amazingly many of the things that can help our environment also save us money and help us live healthier lives too.  Give it a try, little steps can make a big difference. 

Happy Earth Day

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