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BIG News At Thirsties

BIG News At Thirsties

There is BIG changes happening at Thirsties Baby cloth diapers, but it's very exciting news.  If you haven't heard already, Thirsties has been sold... back to it's original owner and creator!

That's something you don't hear everyday. 

Here is Thirsties' announcement shared below:

It is with tender and grateful hearts that we are announcing the sale of Thirsties effective May 1, 2024. While this decision has been heart wrenching in its development, the great news is that we are selling Thirsties to Erin Kimmett who founded Thirsties in 2005 and sold to us in 2010. We couldn’t be more excited about Erin’s renewed ownership of Thirsties as she brings new energy and passion while continuing the legacy of the Thirsties brand.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to own Thirsties these last 14 years for so many reasons: being involved in the baby industry where precious babies are at the center of all we do; being associated with diverse families who personify goodness and love; working with our own dearly loved family members and building and strengthening those relationships; partnering with the industry’s best retailers and building cherished relationships with them that have helped us grow; working with employees who are just the best people in the world and have become part of our extended family; partnering closely with all the members of our sewing team who were integral in the success of Thirsties; working with our suppliers who provide the quality components of the products we produce. Finally, we are deeply thankful for all our loyal customers who have supported us through the years. Ultimately it is our customers that are the capstone, making our experience so rewarding.

We often say that every company has its own character. We have tried to be people who are caring and hardworking, conduct ourselves with integrity, and provide a quality product that we always stand behind. We hope you have felt and experienced that.

Rick, Meg, Kathleen, and Jessica will be working closely with Erin during the transition to ensure continuity for Thirsties customers.
We now leave Thirsties to the caring and capable hands of Erin. We know that she has great plans for the near future as she introduces new prints and market approaches. We wish her every success!
We have been richly blessed as our lives have been touched by your lives. Thank you!
Rick and Meg Merrill and The Thirsties Team

What does this mean going forward? Well actually I'm very excited to work with Erin going forward.  She's the perfect person to continue growing the Thirsties brand and we look forward to the new prints and product ideas I'm sure she has lined up in her head. We will continue to stock Thirsties going forward and anticipate a smooth transition and lots of Thirsties fun to come. Stay tuned! 

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