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  • Welcome Petite Crown || Modern Cloth Diapers

    Welcome Petite Crown || Modern Cloth Diapers

    I'm always excited when we can bring new brands to the Canadian market and this one is no exception. I don't compromise when it comes to quality and ethical manufacturing in my shop and I'm very selective on what brands I carry.  So I'm very pleased to announce today our newest brand that meets my very high standards, say hello to Petit Crown!
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  • World Environment Day

    World Environment Day

    🌍 Celebrating World Environment Day 2023 Today! 

    Today, we unite as guardians of our planet, bound by a shared commitment to preserve and protect our beautiful home. 🌿

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  • Disposable Diaper Prices Up 184%

    Disposable Diaper Prices Up 184%

    I just read this article about the price increases in disposable diapers since Covid (linked at the bottom) and I think you should too.  This article is from last year, June of 2022). 

    I cannot believe that prices increased 90% per unit in just six months.

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  • The Hidden Cost Of Disposing A Disposable

    The Hidden Cost Of Disposing A Disposable

    A few weeks ago, Liz Turrigiano, the Co-Founder of Esembly cloth diapers took this photo.  This was a truck that she was stuck behind as she was driving with her daughter. In telling this story, she talks about how this moment brought up lots of questions about what happens to our garbage once it's picked up from the curb. 

    This got Liz to thinking and researching and it got me looking for some facts and numbers too that I wanted to share with you.

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  • Earth Day Sales 2023

    Earth Day Sales 2023

    The two biggest sales of the year in the cloth diaper world are Earth Day and Black Friday and since it's April, it's EARTH DAY TIME!  Some of our brands ONLY go on sale at these times - I'm lookin' at you...

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