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Cloth Diapering A Boy vs. A Girl

Cloth Diapering A Boy vs. A Girl

Cloth diapering is a journey filled with adorable prints, eco-friendly choices, money savings and yes, a few specific considerations depending on whether you're diapering a baby boy or a little girl. Since the anatomy is a bit different, here's a few tips for preventing leaks with each.

Reusable Diapers On Boys
Boys tend to have the majority of their wet zone closer to the front of the diaper (for obvious reasons).  So if you are getting leaks with your little man, add absorbency where he needs it most - in the front. If you are using diapers with inserts that need to be folded over, put the insert into the diaper with the extra fabric in the front rather than the back.  Choose diapers that have a front waterproof tummy panel like the Kinder pocket.  A tummy panel feature is great for stopping leaks with boys and for tummy sleepers too. And if you need additional absorbency, add boosters folded in half placed in the front half of the diaper.  It's also helpful to make sure boys are pointed down and towards the centre during diaper changes - boys left pointing straight up or to the side is a guaranteed leak.  Lastly, avoid being peed on during a diaper change by putting a cloth wipe over baby when you take the dirty one off.  That way, if your baby boy pees, at least he won't spray you in the face. 

Cloth With A Girl
Girls on the other hand have a wet zone more concentrated in the centre of the diaper. So if you have a heavy wetter you might find leaks near the leg elastics when the middle gets really saturated.  How do we avoid this?  You guessed it, add more absorbency right in the middle where it's needed although take care not to add so much extra that the leg elastic gaps and looses contact with the skin. If you have a super soaker on your hands a fitted diaper with a cover along with additional inserts if needed can work very well.  The Esembly System for example is a great choice. Finally avoid onsies that are tight in the crotch area as these can squeeze the middle leading to leaks especially with girls.

Otherwise choosing to use cloth for your baby is the same whether you have a boy or a girl.  Invest in high quality diapers that will wear well over hundreds of washes, ensure a good fit with elastics that are snug but not too tight around the legs and waist and follow the washing instructions for the brand you purchased. 

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