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Esembly: New Print Just Arrived - Winter Water Factory Wild Cats

Esembly: New Print Just Arrived - Winter Water Factory Wild Cats

At Cloth Diaper Kids, we are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our cloth diaper print lineup: Winter Water Factory Wild Cats from Esembly. This vibrant and eye-catching print is set to capture hearts and bring a touch of the wild to your baby's diapering experience.

Do you remember the original Wild Cats print from Esembly? With the orange background? Let me jog your memory...
Esembly Wildcats
Super cute right? But Esembly changed up the colors on the newest release and now this print looks like this:
Esembly winter water factory wild cats
Amazing how a simple change in color pallet can make the whole print pop in a new way right? 
Winter Water Factory Wild Cats is now in stock and shipping along with 4 new colors of Ditty Bags and a large restock of Esembly products too. 

Versatility Meets Functionality
If you haven't had the pleasure of trying out the Esembly Baby system yet, it's second to none. Their Inner fitted diapers are 100% organic cotton with an innovative inner design that ensures they wash easily and dry quickly compared to other fitteds on the market.  Also they are designed thinner and trimmer than most fitteds making them nice and absorbent, but still thin enough for daytime everyday use. Add an Overnighter if you need a nighttime boost to prevent leaks during longer sleep stretches. 

On top of the Inner, you put an Esembly Outer which is a waterproof diaper cover. What makes this brand's diaper covers different is a double layer of waterproof fabric that's not only high quality and highly functional, but also color coordinating with a different color or coordinating print on the inside. 

Esembly's two size, two part system means you only need about 3 Inners for every Outer cover.  You can reuse the cover for a few changes at a time. This reduces the total number of pieces you need in your stash, makes packing a diaper bag less cumbersome and reduces laundry. 

Have a closer look at Esembly, the new print and their fantastic, giftable Try-It Kits here

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