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When Your Partner Says NO To Cloth Diapers

When Your Partner Says NO To Cloth Diapers

It's a common occurrence for one parent to be curious about cloth diapers and for the other to be apprehensive or even totally against it. After all, fear of the unknown, especially when it involves an upfront cost, is a valid concern. But do you need to throw out your dream of a soft, comfy, washable diapering solution because both of you aren't on board? 

I don't think so. 

In fact this happened with my husband and I.  I wanted to look into cloth, but my other half wasn't as keen.  It wasn't until we sat down and ran the numbers and learned from a friend how to use and wash cloth diapers that we actually gave it an initial try. 

But what should you do if you aren't both on the same page? 

In this instance, I always suggest part time cloth.  

For example if mom changes a diaper, she can change baby into cloth and if dad doesn't want to use cloth, he can change baby into a disposable when he does a diaper change.  Same for grandparents or babysitters too. In this way everyone who is helping with baby care can do so with confidence - remember it takes a village to raise a child!

Sometimes, once others see how easy it is to use cloth, then it's no longer scary and they might be open to trying it out too. Every cloth diaper that's used is one saved from a landfill, one that's comfortable and soft for baby's skin and one that saves you money in the long term. But when we make cloth diapering an all or nothing situation, no one wins. 

There are SO many families, if not a majority of families that do at least some combination of cloth and disposables.  Very few families are 100% cloth right from day 1 through to potty learning.  So don't be afraid to try it out, one cloth diaper at a time, regardless of what others around you prefer to do.  

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