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Goodbye TotsBots - Provisional Liquidation Means End Of An Era

Goodbye TotsBots - Provisional Liquidation Means End Of An Era

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to announce some sad news.  We were informed by our US distributor that TotsBots has gone out of business.  TotsBots products have been a staple in our store and in our own personal cloth diaper stashes for longer than we have been open.  I believe they started up in about 2000 and now in 2024 they are closed.  They were an iconic UK-based cloth diaper brand that I will sorely miss. 

A notice on their former website states: 

“Tots Bots Limited - in Provisional Liquidation (the ‘Company’)
Blair Nimmo and Alistair McAlinden, both of Interpath Advisory, were appointed as Joint Provisional Liquidators of the Company on 9 November 2023. The business, affairs and property of the Company are being managed by the Joint Provisional Liquidators - without personal liability. The Joint Provisional Liquidators are authorised by ICAS.”

Unfortunately we weren't given any prior notice and I didn't see this coming especially since they had just released a new product, the HERO AIO which we stocked along with all of our other TotsBots products: the Bamboozle Stretch Fitted, PeeNut Wraps + Inserts and the original EasyFit AIO. Had I known, I would have bought up more stock to last us out longer for all of you that love this brand. 

The Bamboozle Stretch Fitted saved us and many other frustrated families when we were having nighttime leaks in our FuzziBunz pockets and we needed more absorbency and our third baby came home in a TotsBots TeenyFit AIO when he was born. I won't soon forget those photos we have of him in it. 

So, our remaining stock is already thin, but it is all that remains.  Bamboozle size 2s are already gone, but we have a fair number of size 3 fitteds that are great for toddlers over 35lbs. that need nighttime absorbency. There is a handful of EasyFit and HERO AIOs left and some PeeNut Wraps and Inserts. 

If you are looking for replacement brands that are somewhat similar to the TotsBots, consider the:
Lighthouse Kids Company Bamboo AIO
Thirsties Natural Fitted

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