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Questions To Ask When Buying Gently Used Cloth Diapers

Questions To Ask When Buying Gently Used Cloth Diapers

Not everyone buys their cloth diapers brand new.  In fact, there is a thriving aftermarket for buying and selling pre-loved cloth diapers. It's one of the many surprising benefits of using cloth diapers that after you have finished using them it's sometimes possible for them to be sold second hand, donated or handed down to friends or family members.

In rare cases, back in the heyday of the AppleCheeks brand for example, limited edition colors and prints were sold for MORE than retail value on the used market.  Some for hundreds of dollars - EACH! That isn't as much the case today, but the pre-loved market is still a great place to find good quality cloth diapers for very good prices. 

If purchasing second hand is right for you, skip the cheaper budget brands like Alva.  They often lack good workmanship, and have lower quality materials or absorbency. So unless you're a seasoned pro or you know for sure the brand you're looking at fits your baby, stick to higher quality brands in the used market (Thirsties, Kanga Care, Lighthouse Kids, Esembly, AMP, Smart Bottoms, Lily & Frank etc.)

Here's a few things to consider before making a deal in that Facebook buy/sell group or on Marketplace. 

First, ask the seller for lots of photos in good lighting so you can really see what you're getting as best as possible. 

Then ask the seller:

- How old are the diapers
- How many people owned them before
- How many babies have they been used on
- How were they stored between babies (if applicable)
- How were they previously washed and with what detergent or additives
- Are the elastics relaxed or broken
- Is there any staining
- Are there any visible blemishes, broken snaps, loose stitching or fabric wear (especially on the edges)
- Is shipping included or not
- Are they coming from a smoke free and/or pet friendly home
- Do they smell or have any absorbecy/repelling issues
- Is the waterproof layer (PUL or TPU) intact with no cracking or delamination

If you're satisfied with the answers and the price, then go for it. Once you get them home you can deal with any staining using this secret ingredient and you can deep clean and sanitize them before using them on your baby.

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