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New From Thirsties

New From Thirsties

New releases from Thirsties have just been announced! Three new diaper colors and two new swim diaper prints. I ordered them this morning and they are on the way to us now.  Here's a first peek, release day is Tuesday, June 18 at 9AM MT. 


Rock out with some crocodiles in this new print featuring friendly crocodiles smiling the day away.  Great colors in this print with a rich teal background. We will have Crockin' in: Duo Wraps sizes 1, 2 & 3, natural newborn AIO, natural one size AIO, natural and original snap pockets, wet bags (deluxe, mini, hanging, wet/dry) and bibs. Crockin' will be a regular lineup print.

Harvest Helpers
Fun baby animals helping to pick berries, mushrooms, carrots and more, this colorful print on a white background has an art style that reminds me of the Bluey cartoon. Sure to make Moms and babies smile, Harvest Helpers will be regular lineup print also and we are stocking it in: Duo Wraps sizes 1, 2 & 3, natural newborn AIO, natural one size AIO, natural and original pockets. 

A perfect solid to compliment all the recent new releases, Maui is a beautiful ocean teal/blue. Maui matches any baby's summer wardrobe and will be a fabulous addition to the regular lineup. Stocking in Duo Wraps in sizes 1, 2, & 3 along with natural newborn AIO, natural one size AIOs and pail liners, this fresh solid will be a staple in any cloth diaper stash. 

FINtastic & CLAWsome
Two new swim diaper prints are also coming our way here in Canada.  FINtastic features swimming fishies on a deep blue ocean background and no one will be crabby at the lake, pool or beach in CLAWsome with it's assortment of crabs on a bright blue background. Both swims will be stocked in sizes 1, 2 & 3.

All 5 of these new releases will be available to order here in our website beginning June 18 at 9AM MT.

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