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Part-Time Cloth Diapering: Embrace the Flexibility

Part-Time Cloth Diapering: Embrace the Flexibility

Cloth diapering is not meant to be an all-or-nothing thing. Let's repeat that. In no way are the majority of cloth diapering families doing cloth 100% of the time from birth through to potty learning.  Full stop. 

There are many reasons you might choose to embark on an exciting cloth diapering journey with your new baby. You might have heard about the wonders of cloth diapering; it's eco-friendly benefits, the cost-effective advantages, the opportunity to keep baby away from chemicals you aren't sure about and of course the oh-so-cute factor. But, here's the secret nobody tells you: it doesn't have to be a permanent decision. Part-time cloth diapering is not just possible,  it's fantastically practical, and lots of families choose to do the part time route with cloth.

Now while some parents embrace the idea of using cloth diapers exclusively and do so without ever using a disposable diaper, that is actually a fairly rare occurrence. Many parents find that a part-time approach works best for them, and that's perfectly okay too. For example, if your baby is in the NICU for care after birth, you are recovering from a cesarian section, or you are a first time mom adjusting to the massive changes that a newborn brings, it's totally fine to settle into new parenthood before you switch baby over to cloth diapers.

Sometimes you might receive disposable diapers as baby shower gifts and it's not the end of the world if you use those along with your cloth when you're starting out. Part-time cloth diapering is all about finding balance and comfort within your parenting experience. It's an approach that lets you enjoy the benefits of cloth diapers while allowing flexibility for those moments when life gets a little overwhelming.

There are also instances where despite what you may wish, cloth diapers might not be an option.  If your baby's daycare won't use cloth, if a babysitter, the other parent, or a grandparent isn't confident to try it or if you don't have regular access to a washing machine then switching back and forth from cloth diapers to disposable ones is the way to do it. 

If you're new to the idea of cloth diapering and it seems really daunting, it's ok.  You're not the only one and this is your gentle encouragement to consider trying it part-time in any way that works for you. It's a journey filled with flexibility, practicality, and wonderful benefits.  You will still save money, have less exposure to chemicals, and produce less waste even by using just one cloth diaper a day. The most important thing after all is providing love and care to your little one and we're all out here just doing our best.

So go ahead, here's your permission to not be 100% cloth and to give part-time cloth diapering a try.  See if cloth diapers fit into your family's unique story. Your baby will appreciate your effort, no matter how you choose to diaper them.

For some pre-made part time diaper kits that have everything you need to start out, start here

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