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Brand Spotlight: Delish Naturals

Brand Spotlight: Delish Naturals

I can sum Delish and their products up in a few short words: 

Natural skin care crafted with care. Handmade in Kamloops, BC. Made safe for the whole family.

Delish Naturals begain in 2008 when a mother found herself with a problem. Her daughter was suffering from eczema and diaper rashes. She couldn't find a safe and natural solution that was compatible with cloth diapers, so she embarked on a quest for a natural remedy that would lead her to the creation of Yum Bum Butter.

What is Yum Bum Butter? 
Delish Naturals' Signature product is the infamous Yum Bum Butter.  A testament to the power of nature and a mother's love. Handcrafted in small batches with care and precision in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada this ointment is a safe and effective remedy for eczema and diaper rashes. Its gentle formula is specially designed to be cloth diaper compatible, ensuring that both baby and the environment are treated with the utmost care. It's also fabulous for dry skin and chapped lips. 

Expanding With Excellence
Since 2008 Delish Naturals has grown and changed hands, but has never wavered from their roots of cruelty free, all natural goodness made for families.  Now a full skin care line with an expanded list of products, we have proudly carried Delish in our store for many years now and we hope to always be able to bring you these beautiful blends of clean ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils that are made FRESH for our store every time we order. 

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