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What Is A Diaper Sprayer Good For

What Is A Diaper Sprayer Good For

A diaper sprayer is an optional cloth diapering accessory that many families find helpful.  If you haven't had one before, they are a simple spray nozzle and hose setup that attaches to the water line of your toilet allowing you to spray fresh water with an adjustable flow head.  You don't need any tools to install them and they are easy to add to any bathroom toilet. 

Generally a diaper sprayer is used to spray poop off of the diaper so it can be flushed away and then the diaper is ready to wait in a wet bag for wash day. But besides serving as a way of dealing with the poop, there are some other benefits to a diaper sprayer too. 

Reducing Stains
If you spray your diaper before placing them in the wet bag it helps remove most of the poop and dilute things so stains are less likely to set and will wash out better than not spraying. 

Perineal Care After Stitches
After birth if you are dealing with soreness, stinging or itchiness, a diaper sprayer doubles as a bidet with a gentle stream of cool water for sensitive areas. 

Dealing With Sticky Poop
While you might not need a diaper sprayer right away (newborn poop is water soluble), it is very nice to have with older babies once they start solids and the peanut butter consistency gets harder to remove before washing. It's a very convenient tool for that phase.  

Preventing Ammonia Stinks
If you are cloth diapering overnight as well, you may find that overnight diapers are prone to ammonia buildup.  If you're having trouble with ammonia in your cloth diapers, spraying nighttime or nap diapers that are heavy with urine can be very helpful. 

So, if you've been on the fence about investing in one, you might find it very helpful for more than just basic diaper spraying. 

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