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How To Change A Cloth Diaper

How To Change A Cloth Diaper

Changing a cloth diaper for your baby might seem a little more complicated that just tossing a disposable in the garbage and putting on a new one, but I promise there isn't that much more to it when you use cloth. Here's exactly how to change a cloth diaper including what to do with poop (everyone's worst fear).

First thing's first, just like when changing any diaper, have everything that you need close by before you begin changing baby. Change baby in a safe area, either in a dedicated changing space, on the bed or the floor where baby can't roll or fall. 

Take the dirty diaper off, clean baby with cloth wipes if needed (how to use cloth wipes) and put a fresh diaper on baby. 

Now what do we do with the soiled diaper? 

If it's only pee, separate any layers or pull inserts out of the pocket and place them in your wet bag until wash day. If it's a nighttime or nap diaper that is very saturated, you may want to spray it out with water first, otherwise it's not necessary. 

If it's a poopy situation, knock any solids into the toilet.  You can use a bit of toilet paper for this, or diaper sprayers are handy (more ways to deal with poop here). Once most of the solids are off the diaper, place the diaper into your wet bag to wait for wash day.   

That's it! 

Every second day or so, wash those diapers, and use them all over again. 

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