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Happy 1st Birthday Purple Rain

Happy 1st Birthday Purple Rain

Happy St. Valentine's's official, our AppleCheeks store exclusive color - Purple Rain - is now 1 year old!  It's been a whirlwind of a year since we launched this amazing color and we are very thankful for your support in purchasing it and loving it as we plant trees in the rainforest of Costa Rica with each and every sale.  

What started out as One Size Diapers, Mini Zips and size 1&2 Storage Sacs has now expanded with the recent additions of Mega Zips, Sip Zips, Sandwich Zips, Mini Minis and Double Pocket Wet Bags where our Purple Rain color has been magically paired with Pacifically RipTide and Samoa colors.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we're hosting an AppleCheeks sale this week!

Starting now, all AppleCheeks are 15% off until Feb. 21.  This excludes new releases as usual, but includes Purple Rain One Size Diapers, Mini Zips and size 2 Storage Sacs!

Stock up on all your AppleCheeks needs this week.  No coupon code required. 


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