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GroVia Unders Discontinued

GroVia Unders Discontinued

Big news!  GroVia has just discontinued their line of Unders and all remaining stock is priced to clear at 35% off (no coupon code required).  

Unders Underwear and Tank Tops are made from cozy 100% cotton material and feature a synthetic-free waistband and no itchy labels or uncomfortable leg elastics. The simple unisex design is perfect for boys and girls to wear under clothing or by themselves.

Perfect for sleeping, lounging, "I don't want to get dressed today!", stay at home outfits, and comfy all-the-time undies...all rolled into one! They can be worn straight on the bum for those newly potty learning or over diapers (size up for that). 

Mix and match colors and prints for underwear and tanks. Sizes range from 2T-4T and tend to shrink a bit.  They are fantastic for little bums when it's hard to find underwear small enough to fit.  

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