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Do You Have a Big Baby?

Do You Have a Big Baby?

cloth diaper for bigger babies

Is your baby on the top of the growth curve? What do you do if you need to find cloth diapers that will fit an older child, a nightwetting toddler or a chubby marshmallow baby with thunder thighs? One of our babies was like this - 98th percentile on the growth chart and I wish we would have had these larger cloth diaper options in stock when she was a baby. Most kids will fit into 'one size' cloth diapers that fit approximately 8-35lbs. and they will work right up until potty training time.  However, for some children, a little extra room is needed. 

In that case we have some solutions for you with larger sizes of cloth diapers no matter the size of your beautiful baby.

These are larger cloth diaper options for bigger babies or toddlers who are:

* Outgrowing the size or absorbency of typical 'one size' diapers
* Later potty learners
* Larger toddlers
* Special needs children
* Or if you are beginning cloth diapering with an older baby over ~15lbs.

Here are the best Cloth Diaper Options for Bigger Babies & Toddlers, Nightwetting or Special Needs

LKC has Signature sizing (which is your typical one size range) and Supreme sizes (15-55lbs). These are a perfect option if you're beginning your cloth diaper journey with an older baby, or have a chunky monkey on your hands.  Supreme sizes from LKC are available in:
All-In One Diapers
Pocket Diapers
Switch All-In-Two Diapers

Another great option in a larger size is Thirsties XL Pocket.  Since it's a pocket style diaper, you can add additional absorbency into the pocket on top of what's included if you need it.  It is lined with microfleece for a comfortable stay dry soft feeling against the skin. This is a wonderful option for larger toddlers, special needs kids or children who are potty trained during the day, but need something still that can handle a full pee at night. 
Thirsties XL Pocket Diaper

THIRSTIES DUO WRAPS SIZE 3 (40-60+lbs) and SIZE 4 (60-80+lbs)
Thirsties also makes covers in sizes 1, 2, 3 & 4 with sizes 3&4 being great for larger babies.  With a cover you can customize the absorbency to specifically suit your child. Toddler sized prefolds, size 3 duo insertsXL hemp inserts and flat style diapers are excellent for using in wraps like these. A combination of any of those absorbencies used alone or layered together will get you exactly the diaper your child requires with the extra bonus that covers are very economical. 
Size 3 Duo Wraps
Size 4 Duo Wraps

GROVIA BIG ONES (35-70lbs)
And no discussion of larger cloth diapers is complete without discussing the GroVia BIG ONE. This bigger cloth diaper is BIG, comes with lots of absorbency and is heavy duty for getting a big job done in style. This will be your go to reusable diaper for nightwetters, later potty learners or special needs children.

Hopefully one of these options will suit the cloth diaper needs of your bigger child.  It's often hard to find good options in the larger sizes and we're pleased to stock several so we aways have something for everyone.


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