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Disposable Diaper Prices Up 184%

Disposable Diaper Prices Up 184%

I just read this article about the price increases in disposable diapers since Covid (linked at the bottom) and I think you should too.  This article is from last year, June of 2022). 

I cannot believe that prices increased 90% per unit in just six months.  Six months. For a pack of Pampers to go from $25USD for 200 to $40USD for only 168 diapers in only six months time baffles my mind.  No wonder families are having trouble making ends meet. 

Unfortunately only 2 large companies control 70-80% of the disposable diaper market: P&G and Kimberly-Clark.  Even though it seems like there are lots of brands to choose from, Huggies, Pampers, Pull-Ups etc., they are all divisions owned by the big two companies and smaller store brands fight for the remaining market share. Then there are a few 'luxury' disposable brands that have such a small market share that they don't even factor in...and of course cloth diapers, which, same thing, don't even represent a large enough subsection to be considered in the market share. 

The problem with this, despite rising costs of inflation and input costs, is that when you have a duopoly (2 companies controlling nearly the entire market) it allows them to control prices as well. In fact, as you'll see in the article, the profits of both P&G and Kimberly-Clark rose from around 12-14% up to 19-20% under the guise of 'Covid' and 'Inflation'.  This means they intentionally raised their prices more than they needed to to cover the increased production cost so that their ultimate profit margin was higher. 

Just something to think about when you're making decisions about how to care for your family and you baby's basic needs.  Do you want your money going to companies like this?

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