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AppleCheeks New Releases - (The) Hip To Be² & Why So Cirrius

AppleCheeks New Releases - (The) Hip To Be² & Why So Cirrius

Big news from AppleCheeks cloth diapers!  Changes, new product and 2 great new prints.  

First, new prints....(The) Hip To Be² & Why So Cirrius

In a tribute to the band, Tragically Hip, this plaid wonder is delightfully trendy and matches to well with the rest of the AppleCheeks line up.  It goes especially well with Cherry Tomato red, St. Lucia blue, Orange You Glad orange, Don't Worry yellow and our very own store exclusive Purple Rain.  Make sure you grab these to coordinate if you don't have them in your cloth diaper stash already.  

And then, there is Why So Cirrius, a sunny reminder that summer sun is on the way with rainbow raindrops, fluffy clouds and a gorgeous yellow hue.  Perfectly gender neutral and lots of hints of the original artwork that is so famous in AppleCheeks prints.  

Are these limited edition?  NO!  For the first time in a while, this release from AppleCheeks is NOT LIMITED.  Say what?  That's right.  AppleCheeks is starting a new rainbow of colors and (The) Hip To Be² & Why So Cirrius are the first 2 additions to the new permanent 2018 CollectionThat means ALL past and current colors (including limited editions, and regular lineup solids and prints) are now discontinued.

So, if there's something you're missing from your stash or that you really love and want, get it while you can!

Also, this release brought with it a new product in the MegaZip!  Half the size of a size 1 sac, it's larger than a MiniZip, but still made of the wonderful food safe materials of all the storage sacs so fill it up with stuff for a picnic, long car ride, camping and more and enjoy this new larger size of AppleCheeks loveliness.  It comes with a zipper and handle for convenience.  MegaZips are currently available only in (The) Hip To Be² & Why So Cirrius and will come in all future colors as well.

Alright, what are you waiting for?  Your baby needs these new prints,
get them HERE.

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