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#Whirl'dPeace is #MintToBe - New Releases from #AppleCheeks Available Now

#Whirl'dPeace is #MintToBe - New Releases from #AppleCheeks Available Now

The Seventh Print and a Solid in the AppleCheeks Year of the Prints as been revealed!  Welcome to the lineup Mint To Be and Whirl'd Peace.  I scream, you scream, we all wanted icecream and we got it baby.  All of the AppleCheeks are original artwork that is not copied or duplicated from any other source and this print is tres originales.  Gender neutral and full of style, it's cold and bold wherever it goes.  

We also have Mint to Be!  And yes, if you think your eyes are playing tricks, it IS the same color as #Enchantmint.  There is a very VERY limited quantity of these available.  

So, to recap, Whirl'd Peace and Mint to Be are both limited editions, however, there are significantly more Whirl'd Peace available at retailers.  Do we have them both here at Cloth Diaper Kids??? YES WE DO!  

Both of these new releases are available at our store in size 1, 2 and One Size covers as well as minizips and size 1 & 2 storage sacs.  Whirl'd Peace is also available in new style potty learning pants and swim diapers.

AND, just to make sure the world knows, the Mint To Be MiniZip and Storage Sacs have a colored zipper!  That's right, the zipper on these is purple!  And it's a fancy purple.  It's neither Lavender Fields nor Serendipity, not Caturday purple, it's in-between and it's fabulous.  

BUT the ICING ON THE CAKE is that not only are these released and available to purchase right now, but we are also having an #AppleCheeksSALE this week!  That's right, all AppleCheeks are on sale (excluding the new releases of course).  Stock up while you can, we've got tons of inserts, and all other goodies on sale and waiting for you.  Sale is on now and ends Oct. 19.  



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