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What Is A Snappi

What Is A Snappi

A cloth diaper Snappi is a silicone strip with gripping teeth at the ends to help hold together flat, preflat or prefold cloth diapers.  Snappis replace old fashioned pins to hold natural fabric diapers together before a waterproof cover is placed on top.  A Snappi is safer to use than pins.

How do you use a Snappi? 

The Snappi is T-shaped with grips at all 3 ends.  Fold your flat or prefold diaper and place it on baby.  Use one hand to hold the diaper together while you secure the Snappi with your right hand.  Secure the Snappi to the fabric on one hip, then stretch it over to grab the fabric near the other hip.  Now take the bottom of the T and secure it to the fabric between baby's legs like you see in the photo here.

If you prefer a video demo, here you go:

Snappis are an easy and safe way to secure snap-less cloth diapers.  

Need a Snappi?  We have several colors in stock here
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