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What Accessories Do I Need For My Cloth Diapers?

We have every accessory you will need for diapering your baby. At the very least you will need:

  • Your cloth diapers,
  • Wipes (either reusable wipes or disposable ones)
  • A portable travel wet bag for storing soiled diapers when you’re out and about; and
  • A storage solution for soiled diapers before wash time. 
We carry both traditional washable diaper pail liners as well as the very popular and unique hanging diaper pail bags that store the soiled diapers and wash right up with them in the washing machine.  That's right you just carry the wet bag to the wash, dump the diaper in and throw the diaper bag in the wash too.  Super simple.

**Remember to get 2 pail liners or hanging wet bags so that you have one available to collect soiled diapers while the other one is in the wash ;)

Additionally you will need a cloth diaper safe detergent or at least a store brand detergent with no added fabric softener (really anything such as Tide will do fine).  Learn more about washing your cloth diapers here.

Optional, but very nice to have accessories are a set or two of wool dryer balls to replace traditional dryer sheets and facilitate drying in a faster, chemical free way (at least 4 balls). You may also want to consider the optional but handy (and highly recommended) diaper sprayer, which attaches easily without tools to the back of your toilet.  This way you can easily spray off solids with the adjustable flow water stream.  Or, you may prefer flushable/disposable liners to aid in messy cleanups instead.  These lay right on top of the diaper so you can easily peel off solids. They are particularly nice when babies are starting solids and diapers can get, well, interesting.

Other accessories such as cloth diaper wipe solutions and sprays, additional boosters for extra absorbency, diaper rash creams or laundry additives are nice, but totally optional as well.

Don't forget a re-useable swim diaper too!  Those are great whether you cloth diaper or not.

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