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Welcome TotsBots Diapers to Cloth Diaper Kids

Welcome TotsBots Diapers to Cloth Diaper Kids

Hello from the UK (Scotland to be exact) - TotsBots is the newest brand to be added to our store here at Cloth Diaper Kids.  We've used TotsBots on all of our own kids and we're trilled to bring them to you!

Now, you can read the product descriptions of the TotsBots One Size EasyFit STAR, Newborn TeenyFit, Bamboozle Fitted and PeeNut Wrap All-In-Two system at the links above. But I want to show you the inside of the TotsBots EasyFit STAR up close and personal. 

The inside of the EasyFit STAR (one size version) and the TeenyFit (newborn version) are identical, just the TeenyFit is smaller of course to fit 5-12lbs whereas the one size EasyFit works with babies in the 8-35lbs range.  

The sewn-in bamboo insert extends and the excess can be stuffed into a pocket located at the back of the diaper for double the absorbency with half the drying time.

The stay dry material on either side of the wet zone and at the tummy and back panel keep wetness in it's place and they are constructed completely from Oekotex certified fabrics to ensure no harmful chemicals next to your baby's skin.

TotsBots are quick to change, easy to use and the velcro closure coupled with the all-in-one design makes it just as easy to put on as a disposable diaper.  TotsBots are the easy choice for parents who are looking for the ultimate in convenience, premium fabrics and excellent fit. 

You can see our selection here.  Try one in your stash today; it might very well become the favorite diaper in your collection.  But don't say I didn't warn you, they're a lot of awesome wrapped up in one little cloth diaper ;) 

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