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Thirsties 'Pandamonium' - Black Friday 2019

Thirsties 'Pandamonium' - Black Friday 2019

The pandas are BACK!!!!!

After the crazy popularity of Pandamonium during last Black Friday, Thirsties brought us back our favorite print this year with a twist.

Special for this year's Black Friday weekend, we introduce to you Pandamonium with black trim and snaps.  A snazzy upgrade to last year's lagoon green trim and snaps, the black really pops on this one and it's going to go fast again this year.  

To refresh your memory, Pandamonium was going to be the fourth print in the 2018Thirsties Pandamonium Animalia collection for Thirsties, but there were some textural watercolor accents in the background that looked great on the screen, but didn’t quite translate as well as they wanted on the fabric. So again this year we are able to offer new Pandamonium at a deep discount so you have something fabulous to add to your stash at an amazing price.  

Starting Thursday, Nov. 28 at 10PM MT, Pandamonium will be listed on our website and available at 30% off regular retail price.  

We have it in the usual items, but also the new products that Thirsties has brought in over the last year:
Natural One Size AIO Diapers
Natural Newborn AIO Diapers
Natural One Size Pocket Diapers
Original One Size Pocket Diapers
Duo Wraps (Sizes 1 & 2)
Wet Bags
*New Wet/Dry Bags
*New Mini Wet Bags
*New Clutch Bags

Note, quantities of Pandamonium are limited and they will be sold at 30% off while supplies last.  So if you want to make sure to snag one, make sure to shop early.  

>> SHOP HERE << starting Thursday night at 10PM MT. 

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