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Red Panda, Holly Berry and New Pods Coming From Thirsties

Red Panda, Holly Berry and New Pods Coming From Thirsties

Ready to get you into the Holiday Spirit, it's Red Panda and Holly Berry from Thirsties. 

Red Panda Thirsties Diaper

Red Panda

Features cheerful red pandas frolicking in the chill air, enjoying a winter scene accented by snowy holly trees. Red Panda is a limited-edition print with olive trim and red snaps that matches just perfectly with it's co-release solid Holly Berry. 

I'm also super excited to say YES, it does come in training pants too.  Very glad about that. 

Holly BerryHolly Berry Thirsties Diaper
Shades of saturated red suit the season, and the bright solid Holly Berry will match every winter outfit as well as the Red Panda print too. Simple solids coordinate so well and this one will bring some dazzle to the holidays while also working as a year round wardrobe staple. Holly Berry is a limited-edition color as well. No training pants, play mats or totes in this color, but it comes in all the usual duo wraps, diapers, wet bags and XL pockets and the Thirsties bib too. 

Simple PodsThirsties Storage Pod
Now, on to perhaps the most exciting news from this release...a new product (actually 2!). Introducing new Thirsties Pods. The 
Thirsties Simple Pod will be your new go-to storage solution for organization, storage and travel.  Featuring a double-layered waterproof TPU exterior it prevents leaks on the go, is completely washable and has both a horizontal strap and a loop strap so you can hang it anywhere or carry it easily.  Such a cute way to keep everything tidy andThirsties Simple Pod neat.  It comes in two sizes for the perfect fit no matter the task:
12”L x 7”W x 5”H
*Holds 8 All in Ones or fully-stuffed pocket diapers
18”L x 7”W x 5”H
Holds 12 All in Ones or fully-stuffed pocket diapers
Thirsties Simple Pods
Simple Pods will initially be available in 5 Thirsties prints: Floribunda and Desert Bloom will be Limited Edition for now and then Nightlife, Rainbow and Stepping Stones will be regular lineup going forward. 

Red Panda, Holly Berry and both new Simple Pods will be available to order
December 15th at  9:00am MST.

If you don't want to miss any of these new additions, be sure to sign up for our newsletter below so you get a reminder when these drop in our store. 

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