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Purple Rain New Products!

Purple Rain New Products!

Ok, so it's been a long wait, but we've finally got a re-stock of Purple Rain AppleCheeks diapers and accessories AND we've got some new products for you as well!

Hello double pocket wet bags! - We've now got exclusively in our store 2 new wet bag options for you.  Purple Rain/Samoa and Purple Rain/Pacifically RipTide are joining our line up.  These nifty little bags are perfect for cloth diapering (dirties in one pocket, clean ones in the other), make great bags for swimming lessons, extra sets of clothes for preschool, outings on the town, they are food safe for snacks and are just the right size for packing shoes, socks or other accessories you want going missing in a suitcase.  

Hello Sip Zips! - It's time to ditch plastic straws and help our environment by choosing a re-useable option.  And what better way to carry your straw in your purse than in a handy Sip Zip!  These were just released by AppleCheeks and don't yet come in many colors (only Happy Holladays and Santa Paws) so now you can add our fun Purple Rain solid to the Sip Zip collection.  Pair it with our silicone straws from Silikids for a total re-useable drinking solution.

Mega Zips are back and MiniMinis are here! - We had a very small initial stocking of Mega Zips that went out the door in under 10min and now they are back along with cute little MiniMinis!  We also have more size 2 storage sacs which sold out in our initial stocking. 

One Size Diapers, Mini Zips, and a small number of size 1 storage sacs are also available - There is also stock of the usual favorites!

These new Purple Rain products are in stock NOW - Find Them HERE.

Now, I want everyone to have the joy of Purple Rain in their collection because as you know for every PR item we sell we plant a tree in our Purple Rain AppleCheeks Forest at the Kids Saving the Rainforest Sanctuary in Costa Rica.  Our little grove is getting big too!

So, I want to buy supper for the person who puts in the largest order of Purple Rain.  
How do you qualify?

- All orders that come in within the next 48 hrs will be eligible (before 10PM MST on Sunday, Jan. 27).
- The winner will the be person with the biggest order total that contains at least 2 Purple Rain items.  You can add anything else from the store to your order too as long as it has 2 PR items in it. (*Tip - pooling orders together with your friends is totally allowed as long as there is only one shipping address).  
- PRIZE: I'll buy your family supper on one night of your choosing (up to $100).  You can Skip The Dishes, order from your favorite pizza place, get a gift card to your favorite restaraunt, whatever you like anytime you want this year. Open to Canada or USA.  

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