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Pregnancy: What Does It Mean To Be 'Team Green'

Pregnancy: What Does It Mean To Be 'Team Green'

In the realm of pregnancy, the journey is often marked by various milestones — the first fluttering kicks, the joyous heartbeat echoing through the ultrasound, and, of course, the thrilling revelation of your baby's gender, that is, if you opted to find out.

There's a growing trend that deviates from the pink or blue gender reveal announcements that have become so common on social media — the rise, or rather, the return of, Team Green pregnancies.

Team Green is the term coined by parents who choose not to find out the gender of their baby until birth. The way it used to be before ultrasounds, nature's biggest surprise if you will. 

Opting for a Team Green pregnancy adds an extra layer of anticipation to the journey. As the due date approaches, the excitement builds, and the mystery surrounding baby's birth becomes a source of joy for many parents. Like opening a beautifully wrapped present, eagerly waiting to discover the precious surprise inside.

The biggest challenge though is sometimes preparing for baby in a way that works for both a boy or a girl.  But while it might be more difficult to create a baby wardrobe without leaning pink or blue, it can also be a very practical choice to stay in those neutral type tones.  Keeping baby essentials like clothing, cloth diapers and nursery room decor neutral means it works for every baby and future siblings too.  Which ultimately leads to less consumerism, more reusing, and more money saved. 

My husband and I were Team Green with all four of our babies and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  It was easy to add in a touch of pink or blue once baby arrived anyway. 

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