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Pandamonium From Thirsties - Releasing Nov. 22, 2018

Pandamonium From Thirsties - Releasing Nov. 22, 2018

What cuteness from Thirsties!  Welcome Pandas in this new and spectacular print from Thirsties.  

This print will stock on our website next Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018 at 10PM MST and is being sold at a generous 30% off! 

Why?  Thirsties thought that the watercolor bamboo in the background of the print didn't look quite 'perfect' so they are being released for a fantastic discount.  These are not seconds quality in any way, it's just that they weren't 110% happy with how the design printed on the fabric which means a great sale for you!  Run the video below that came direct from Thirsties and find out more...

These beauties are in our hands here at the Cloth Diaper Kids warehouse in Canada and we can tell you they are stunning in real life and we hardly see any 'imperfections' at all, so get these while you can at a stunning 30% off starting Nov. 22.  

We have limited numbers and when they are gone, they are gone. 

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