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More Purple Rain On The Way + New Products - Launches Friday

More Purple Rain On The Way + New Products - Launches Friday

Another shipment of our hugely popular AppleCheeks store exclusive Purple Rain is currently enroute to us here at Cloth Diaper Kids in Calgary!  Eeeek!  

And it contains not only MegaZips and MiniMinis but also 3 NEW PRODUCTS in our special color 💜

Wanna know what the new products are????  Join me for a LIVE reveal HERE this Friday, Jan. 25 at 10AM MST. 

I'll show you all the new awesomeness right out of the box (which I haven't even seen yet myself) and we'll stock it live to launch on the website for you at the same time. Each PR product still gets a tree planted in the rainforest of Costa Rica, but...

**Now let's kick it up a notch**

I want to buy supper for one lucky family to simplify someone's life next week.

How do you qualify?

- All orders that come in within the 2 days after the launch on Friday will be eligible (before 10PM MST on Sunday, Jan. 27).
- The winner will the be person with the biggest order total that contains at least 2 Purple Rain items.  You can add anything else from the store to your order too as long as it has 2 PR items in it. (*Tip - pooling orders together with your friends is totally allowed as long as there is only one shipping address).  
- PRIZE: I'll buy your family supper on one night of your choosing (up to $100).  You can Skip The Dishes, order from your favorite pizza place, get a gift card to your favorite restaraunt, whatever you like anytime you want this year. Open to Canada or USA.  

Head to the event NOW and mark yourself as going so you don't miss a thing!

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