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I couldn't decide how to spell it, but I know what it is...

Let's save on some shipping for the the little things in life.  If your order is less than 2cm thick to fit by Canada Post lettermail, then save some money and we'll ship it lettermail.  


▶︎ Lettermail shipping will take longer (because it's not parcel) and it is UNTRACKED.  That means no tracking number. I repeat, no tracking number.  If that bothers you, then skip this fun promo and use our regular shipping options. 

▶︎ Yes you can sometimes purchase more than one item, especially smaller ones, but it has to be less than 2cm thick.  Some examples:
- 2-3 smaller set bags or pouches
- 1 swim diaper and wet bag
- Up to 2 diaper covers 
- Up to 3 RLR packets
- Snappi and a cover
- Up to 2 baltic amber teething necklaces etc.
* If your order is too large or too many items to ship lettermail, put through separate orders. 
** If your order is too large or too many items it will be refunded. 
*** If you aren't sure if what you want will fit in one lettermail package, just ASK ME first. 

▶︎ Ends June 17, 2023

▶︎ Use code: LETTERMAILME at checkout to redeem

▶︎ Which items are eligible for lettermail? 
Anything in >>> THIS CATEGORY <<<

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