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Is Changing A Cloth Diaper Different Than Changing A Disposable?

Is Changing A Cloth Diaper Different Than Changing A Disposable?

Is changing a cloth diaper different than changing a disposable? Well, yes and no.  But don't worry, changing a cloth diaper isn't hard by any means, it's just a tad different.  

First with disposables, you generally place the diaper under baby's bum and then wrap the tabs around and stick them to the front.  (Sometimes, my disposable diaper tabs would rip when I did this, but I digress).

With a cloth diaper, it's generally the same process with 2 key differences.  First place the diaper under baby's bum of course, but when you draw the diaper up between the legs it's helpful to pinch the fabric together slightly so the diaper elastics fall in the underwear line of the leg.  This gets you a good leg seal. That's the first difference.  Second, when you bring the tab across the front to snap, it's helpful to pull the tab out at about a 45 degree angle from the hip to stretch the elastics as you bring the tab up and over the hip to snap in the front.

That's it!  That's all.  2 quick tips to get you a really good fit with your cloth diapers and it's just 2 small differences between putting on a disposable vs. a cloth diaper.   Many families find that it's not difficult to use cloth diapers at all, even for beginners. 

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