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How To Try On Cloth Diapers For Fit In Case You Have To Return Them

How To Try On Cloth Diapers For Fit In Case You Have To Return Them

How do you try cloth diapers on your baby for fit without compromising their cleanliness in case you have to return them? 

This is a question that comes up now and again.  First thing's first, cloth diapers are like any other kind of sanitary item you might purchase.  Like underwear, you can't put them on, wear them around a bit and then return them if you don't like them.  Because of the sanitary nature of cloth diapers, our return policy states that returns are accepted only for unwashed, unworn items with original tags still on. 

Does this mean you can't try it on? Is there a way to try a cloth diaper on for fit? Yes there is.  Here are some tips:

#1) Check the weight range before you buy - All of our products have a manufacturer suggested weight range in the product description.  Make sure that your baby fits within that range for the cloth diaper you're considering purchasing.  If baby is within the weight range, then fit won't be an issue most of the time. 

#2) Use a barrier - If you must try the diaper on for size use a barrier between the diaper and baby.  The best way is to try on the new cloth diaper over a fresh disposable diaper to see the sizing.  You could also quickly try it overtop of a pair of underwear or a terry cloth face cloth (as long as baby doesn't pee).  You could even pop a women's menstrual pad into the diaper as a barrier while you check the fit. This would be similar to the sanitary sticker you find in bathing suit bottoms at the store.  

#3) De-tag - Once you've determined the fit, then go ahead and de-tag them, pre-wash as needed and you're good to go if they work for you.  If on the other hand something really doesn't fit right for your child, then since the tags are still on, they are unwashed and have been tried on baby in a short duration sanitary way they can be returned within 30 days as per our return guidelines

Should you have further questions about diaper fit or return policies contact us

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