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How To Explain Your Cloth Diapering Choice To Opinionated Family and Friends

How To Explain Your Cloth Diapering Choice To Opinionated Family and Friends

New parents shouldn't have to explain their parenting choices to nosy friends and family, but they always seem to have an opinion if you say you're using cloth diapers for your baby.

Now you'll never have to fear a baby shower or Aunt Karen's visits again.  
Here's a few things you can say if you feel you need to respond to those negative comments:

- Cloth diapers are working well for us right now, so we're happy with this choice.

- This is one way we're reducing our landfill contribution and it's saving us money too.

- Cloth diapers actually keep our baby's skin healthier and we've had less diaper rash so it works for us.

- Single use items aren't really our style, we prefer sustainable fashion and reusable items when possible.

- Actually we're using cloth diapers and disposables part time too.  It's going really well, thanks for asking. 

- I'm really enjoying our cloth diapers, but if you're offering to come help with diaper changes you can bring whatever diapers you like with you. 

- Choosing cloth diapers is allowing us to beat this crazy inflation that's driving up all the prices and we're really in control of our budget this way. 

- It's interesting you brought it up because we've been loving that we don't have any poopy blowouts in our cloth diapers.  It's a lot less messy than when we used to have to wash soiled clothing and take stinky diapers to the trash. 

- Funny thing. I learned that disposable diaper companies are not required to disclose all the ingredients on their packaging. I like to keep my toxin exposure as low as I can myself - I'm sure you do too - so keeping natural fabrics next to our baby's skin gives me confidence that we're not exposing them to unnecessary chemicals. It's working for us right now. 

- I love how cute our cloth diapers are and I find two loads of simple laundry a week is less work and waste than buying boxes of diapers at the store every month. Plus we can pass them down to our future babies too. 

- Using cloth diapers has made it easier for our toddler to know when they are wet and so we've been able to potty train them faster.  Now we'll only have one in diapers when the new baby arrives. That's a big win for us. 

- Thanks for your concern, but I'm confident that I'm making the best choice for my baby and the planet. If it changes in the future, I'm ok with that too.  We're learning as we go. I appreciate your perspective, though.

- I'm sorry you had a bad experience with cloth diapers when you tried them.  Luckily the diapers we've chosen are high quality and come with warranty and free customer support so I'm confident we'll be able to troubleshoot if any issues come up in the future. 

Hopefully some of these ideas will help you out. Cloth diapers aren't for everyone and we're here to support you if they're the right choice for you. 

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