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Brand Spotlight: Kanga Care

Brand Spotlight: Kanga Care

In case you haven't noticed, we carry a lot of Kanga Care products... I carry their bamboo prefolds and flats, the EcoPosh fitteds, Lil Joey Newborns, Lil Learnerz Training Pants, and of course the full line of infamous Rumparooz pocket diapers and covers.  But beyond their products, we've continued to carry Kanga Care for many years because of who they are as a company.  Let me tell you more about them.
Owner Julie and her husband Chad started Kanga Care in 2006, after the birth of their second daughter. She had extremely sensitive skin and could not wear disposable diapers.  After trying many different brands of cloth diapers and not finding the fit or function they needed for their baby girl, Julie tapped into her own sewing skills and made the cloth diapers their baby needed on her own.  

With this new diaper pattern - fully equipped with leak prevention features that were the first of their kind and now patented - a business was born. 

Now in it's 18th year (April 2024), Kanga Care has been a wonderful partner for us providing the world with environmentally conscious and healthy diapers for their babies.

Kanga Care is a woman owned, family-run business located in Golden, Colorado, USA. All of their diaper designs are unique (with patterns made by Julie - who now holds 4 patents for her ingenuity) and the colors and prints are all created within the company (not purchased from print banks or sourced online where another brand will have a duplicate print). All of their materials are the cream of the crop quality, nothing is spared or cheaped out on and they use groundwater safe eco friendly glues in manufacturing and polyester made from recycled water bottles.

There's also an active Facebook community where you can get support and encouragement if you're the only one you know who uses cloth and, my favorite part, they have a dedicated staff member available to help you with any issues or troubleshooting while using your diapers. Washing advice, fit checks and leak support are all available free of charge so you can be confident and successful in your choice of using cloth diapers.

Plus their comprehensive warranty has you covered: 
- Lifetime warranty on snaps
- 3 months on elastics
- 6 months on stitching and seams

On top of all that, Kanga Care's staff are always easy to deal with and pride themselves on top-notch customer service and support.  But you can't beat their color and print selection either. From newborn preemies right through potty learning toddlers, there's a Kanga Care product that's right for you. 

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