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How To Customize Any Cloth Diaper For Your Baby

How To Customize Any Cloth Diaper For Your Baby

Babies come in all shapes and sizes and since cloth diapers are like an item of clothing, they will fit differently from one baby to the next. But, there are several ways that you can customize the fit and function of any cloth diaper to suit your baby in the best possible way.  These little tweaks can make all the difference in preventing leaks and ensuring baby's ultimate comfort. 

1) Have The Right Fit
Getting a leak-free fit is the first and primary goal of a diaper, so make sure the rise adjustment in front is correct for the size of your baby if applicable and that it's snug all around the legs and waist with no gaps. Learn more about getting a good fit.

2) Have Enough Absorbency
Sure babies should be changed every 2-3hours during the day (unless dirty), but sometimes they sleep longer stretches, flood their diaper or pee more in one area.  Maybe switching to a fitted diaper with a cover at night will get you through the night dry. Consider adding some strategically placed boosters in the wettest zones - up front for boys for example or in the middle for girls. If you have a toddler that likes to hold their bladder and then flood all at once have some quick absorbing microfiber to layer with their other inserts. Getting compression leaks in the baby carrier or car set? Sneak a hemp booster in. Newborn leaking over the hips or out the back when reclined? Use natural fabrics like cotton for the absorbency with newborns.

3) Address Sensitivities
If your baby doesn't like feeling wet in their cloth diaper, this is easy to fix with a comfy stay dry layer between diaper and baby. Cloth diaper safe rash creams and ointments can treat and prevent any diaper rash or dryness too. 

4) Be Ready For Poop
Liners are a lifesaver for messy situations and they make cleanup so much easier too.  Toss one on between diaper and baby at every change or when you know a poop is probably on the way. 

Adjusting your diapers for babies needs as they grow with these simple tips means you can use the same diapers through your entire cloth diapering journey. Happy baby, happy planet, happy parents. 

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