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How To Choose A Snap Setting

How To Choose A Snap Setting

There are SO MANY SNAPS! 

I distinctly remember standing in front of my baby's change table, staring at a one size cloth diaper with snaps all over the front, wondering what the heck to do with all the snaps and having no clue what to snap where. 

It was so confusing. 

Now that I've been doing it for four kids, it's second nature, so I sometimes forget how overwhelming it was back when I started out.  So let's go through it. 

 one size cloth diaper sizing reference
Here's a great reference guide if you're just starting out.  This chart is specifically for Kanga Care's Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diaper, however, it's a good generic starting point for most one size brands too. 

Use the sizing suggestions above as an initial size to try on your baby.  Then adjust up or down if needed for that perfect fit. How do you know if you have a perfect fit? No gaps at the legs, waist about level with the belly button and no leaks. 

Another option, if your baby is currently in disposable diapers or if you have on handy is to use the disposable as a size guide.  Place a disposable that fits your baby next to the cloth diaper and adjust the rise to be about the same size as the disposable. Same length from top to bottom. Then try the cloth diaper on your baby and again, adjust if necessary, larger or smaller till it fits just right. 

Keep in mind that not every brand will fit the same way.  The rise setting you have for one brand or style of diaper may not be the same as you have it set for another and that's OK! In fact it's likely to be that way because each cloth diaper brand is different.  So expect some variation and trial and error till you find what fits and don't be afraid to change it and test new snap settings as baby grows! It's all part of the fun. 

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