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Guess What??!!  Big News From Thirsties Cloth Diapers

Guess What??!! Big News From Thirsties Cloth Diapers

August 7, 2019 is going to be a big day!  

Thirsties cloth diapers just announced 2 new prints (reworks of old favorites) PLUS a brand new line of wet bags dubbed the 'Simply Sustainable' Collection.  

First thing's first, let's have a look at the new prints!
Remember the insane craze caused by the Sun Blossom and Classic Jurassic diaper prints last year? Their new compliments, Moon Blossom and Modern Jurassic, are sure to cause a buzz as well! With familiar-sounding names and a twist in each color pallette, Thirsties' recycled each print with new pizzaz.

Moon Blossom is now on a navy background instead of white—while the flowers, bees, binding and snaps stay true to the original, Sun Blossom. The bright blues and greens of Classic Jurassic were reworked with purple, orange, and teal with the addition of Lagoon color binding and snaps. If you missed out on the original releases, we hope you get a chance to snag these revamped prints as a welcome addition to your stash!


The new Simply Sustainable Collection will be the first release of 4 new products to the Thirsties family.  This new collection includes a Thirsties Clutch Bag, Mini Wet Bag, Wet Dry Bag, and food-safe Sandwich/Snack Bag. These new products will compliment the existing Thirsties Wet Bag which is staying in the product line up. 

Thirsties’ Clutch Bag, Mini Wet Bag, and Wet Dry Bag are available in:
Cactus Garden, Classic Jurassic, Farm Life, Floribunda, Melon Party, Moon Blossom, and O2 Revival prints (some of the all-time favorite Thirsties prints).

The Sandwich/Snack Bag is available in:
Classic Jurassic, Farm Life, Main Squeeze, Melon Party, Moon Blossom, O2 Revival, and Rocket.

There is no better way to stylishly reduce and reuse and recycle than by using Thirsties’ Simply Sustainable Collection bags in some of the most original prints you can find in the cloth diapering community! 

For reference: 

Clutch Bag: 10.5”W X 5.5”H
Mini Wet Bag: 11.5”W X 8.75”H
Wet Dry Bag: 13.5”W X 15”H
Sandwich/Snack Bag: 7” X 7”

Launch Date
9:00 a.m. MDT Wednesday, August 7th

See you then!  

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