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Goodbye EasyFit, Hello HERO Nappy From TotsBots

Goodbye EasyFit, Hello HERO Nappy From TotsBots

It's a bittersweet day here at Cloth Diaper Kids for those of you who are long-time cloth families that love the TotsBots EasyFit.  

It's been replaced today with the all new HERO Nappy!

20+ years of dedication to cloth diapering perfection have led TotsBots to improve their best-selling diaper and it's now available here in Canada.  

What's different? I'm glad you asked.  Check out the video below for my rundown on the new features of HERO compared to the EasyFit... and while you're over there please subscribe to our ~YouTube channel~.  I'm no MrBeast, but seeing diapers up close is also super fun 😊

In short, the new changes with HERO are:
- HERO has covered hook/loop in the front - it looks really quite nice I think and no scratchy feeling on the outside of the diaper with exposed velcro
- One additional rise snap for a more customized fit
- Inside there is now a stay-dry layer and the insert can snap in/out
- Revised back pocket opening for additional absorbency if needed 
- Wider thicker back elastic for baby's comfort
- More absorbency - the HERO is about 25% more absorbent than the EasyFit if you can imagine that.  It holds 440ml of liquid (over 1.5 cups of pee 💦)
- New prints to love

Because the EasyFits are no longer being manufactured, it's time to let them go.  All remaining EasyFit stock is now 25% off while supplies last. Don't let a sale like this pass you by, you will not regret picking these up, they're definitely one of my all-time favorite AIOs and they're tough to find in North America because we have to import them from Scotland. 

Enjoy your TotsBots!

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