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Endangered - New Earth Day 2019 Print from Thirsties Cloth Diapers

Endangered - New Earth Day 2019 Print from Thirsties Cloth Diapers

Nathaniel Branden said, 'The first step toward change is awareness.' With Earth Day right around the corner, that statement could not be more true. This year's Earth Day campaign from Thirsties, Protect Our Species, aims to bring awareness to the accelerated rate at which plant and animal species are becoming extinct. To celebrate this Earth-loving day and help remind everyone of some of the valued species that we would hate to see vanish, Thirsties is introducing their new, limited-edition print, Endangered.

This print features several endangered plant and animal species on a white background with deep green trim (fern green trim to be exact). 
Pictured in the print are Agave, Texas Wild Rice, Erubia, Short's Goldenrod, Amur Leopards, Cross River Gorillas, Sumatran Elephants, Black Rhinos and South China Tigers.

Launch Date: 9:00 a.m. MDT Thursday, April 18th.

It will be available  at Cloth Diaper Kids in:
Duo Snap Wrap (sizes 1, 2 & 3)
Natural One Size All In One
Natural Newborn All In One
Natural Pocket Diaper
Original Pocket Diaper; and
Wet Bag.

This print is sure to attract those who love this planet and strive to make it a greener place for future generations.  We are pleased to be able to bring you such a meaningful and cute print from a fantastic company and we can't wait to make it live for ordering on April 18!
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