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Cloth Diapers on the Go: Tips To Conquer An Outing In Cloth

Cloth Diapers on the Go: Tips To Conquer An Outing In Cloth

Being a new mom is like embarking on a wild and unpredictable adventure, especially when you throw cloth diapers into the mix. You've mastered the art of diapering at home, but what happens when you need to venture outside? Fear not!  We've got your back, here's what to do to make cloth diapers on the go a breeze.

Have A Strong Wet Bag Collection
Ah, wet bags – the trusty sidekick for cloth diapering superheroes. Having not one but two wet bags on hand is like having a safety net for your diapering exploits. One is good, but a few are better so you always have one on hand when you're about to leave the house and some are in the wash. Plus these little wonders aren't just for diapers; they're excellent for clothes, too, should a baby-related mess occur.

Overpack Diapers (Yes, Really!)
Pack one more diaper than you think you'll need - trust me on this one. Babies are unpredictable little humans and Murphy's Law seems to have a particular fondness for new moms. That extra diaper might be a lifesaver for you or another Mom at the park in a pinch.

The Disposable Liner Backup Plan
Poop happens – and it tends to do so when you're furthest from a diaper-changing station. Enter disposable liners, your secret weapon in the war against epic diaper blowouts. Just lay one in your cloth diaper before putting it on your little one, and you're good to go. Even if you don't normally use liners at home, they can be really handy when you're out on the town and a poop occurs. You can thank me later. 

Cloth Wipes: A Mom's Best Friend
If you're using cloth wipes on the go, water might be hard to find. I like to keep a small spray bottle filled with water to wet those wipes and a hand sanitizer in my diaper bag for those times when there's no washroom nearby. Give your cloth wipes a quick spritz and you can handle any mess with ease. 

A Portable Changing Pad
Don't forget a place to change baby and forget the awkward change pads that might come with your diaper bag - they usually suck.  Invest in a proper change pad that's portable and actually functional; one that's larger, has an absorbent layer in case of leaks plus a waterproof side too (like these). The best part is they are washable.  You never know where you might have to lay your baby down for a diaper change. 

Pack a Spare Change of Clothes 
While diaper blowouts are thankfully much less common in cloth diapers, babies still get messy.  Puke, spit up, feeding messes, mud puddles and more will always unexpectedly find your baby on an outing so a change of clothes is always helpful. 

Remember, you've got this! Cloth diapering on the go can be just as easy as at home - no matter where your adventures take you. BUT, it's also OK to switch to disposables if you feel you need to sometimes.  Here's your permission to cloth diaper part time. In fact, part time cloth diapering is very common and using one once in a while doesn't negate the cost savings, health and environmental benefits you enjoy from cloth diapering most of the time.

So enjoy that outing with your baby and happy diapering!

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