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Cloth Diaper Kids + AppleCheeks 'Purple Rain' Forest - Exclusive Release

Cloth Diaper Kids + AppleCheeks 'Purple Rain' Forest - Exclusive Release

We can't believe it!  Our first AppleCheeks Exclusive is here!  We have teamed up with AppleCheeks to re-release the beloved Purple Rain color in ONE SIZE in a limited run of awesomeness!  Look at that tag folks.  It's so perfect.  

But, this release is more than just a re-released color.  We're planting a REAL LIVE APPLECHEEKS RAINFOREST with each purchase of this gorgeous color.  

Say what??!!

That's right, we've partnered with Kids Save the Rainforest (KSTR) in Costa Rica and for each Purple Rain item that you order (diaper or wet bag) we will plant a tree in the rainforest at this sanctuary in Parrita, Costa Rica.  For the first time ever, in the history of AppleCheeks, we are going to create a real, tangible difference here at Cloth Diaper Kids and contribute real trees to a real rainforest that you can go visit next time you're on vacation!  

The Kids Save the Rainforest charity was founded by 2 young girls 19 years ago who had a passion for the environment and took action into their own hands when they saw the rainforest being destroyed.  Today, KSTR is a protected area of land where rainforest is being replanted, and animals that are injured or endangered are cared for, and when possible, re-released into the wild.  It serves not only as a tourist destination, but also as an educational centre that empowers and inspires other children and families to get involved and make an impact too. 

So what's the deal? 

Purchase any Purple Rain product (diaper or wet bag) and for each item we'll use a portion of the profits to fund the planting of a tree in our little rainforest.  Don't have a baby in diapers anymore?  That's totally fine - why not donate one?  You can purchase a Purple Rain diaper or wet bag, become part of our 'AppleCheeks "Purple Rain" Forest' and request that we donate the diaper rather than ship it to you (see options for this at checkout).

What are you waiting for?  

Let's grow this forest together.  

>> Buy PURPLE RAIN here <<

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