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Canada Post Strike Action 2018

As you may have heard in the news recently, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) began rotating strike action as of today, Oct. 22, 2018.  Rotating strikes are expected to last 24 hours. In affected areas, mail and parcels will not be delivered or picked up.  Today, areas in and around Victoria, Edmonton, Windsor and Halifax are on strike. 

Canada Post continues to operate across Canada in all other areas and is accepting and delivering mail and parcels in all other locations. Currently, Canada Post is still trying to arrive at a negotiated settlement with CUPW, while making every effort to minimize the impact of any disruption on customers.

What does this mean for our shipments at Cloth Diaper Kids?  Well, currently, all of our shipping contracts are with Canada Post and all of our packages are shipped that way.  Due to the strike action, parcels may experience a delivery delay that is out of our control.  However, we have added a FedEx shipping option to our checkout page for those who would prefer a stable shipping option during this time. 

FedEx shipping is not affected by any strike action taken by Canada Post and can take any of our deliveries that are not PO Boxes.  *NOTE: If your delivery address is a PO Box, then Canada Post is your only shipping option for any delivery from any company.  

If you have any questions regarding ordering or shipping with Cloth Diaper Kids, just ask.  Local pickups, as always, are still available in Calgary, AB by appointment. 

We look forward to serving you and your family.  

Cloth Diaper Kids

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