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Bummis & Funky Fluff Closing

Bummis & Funky Fluff Closing

It is with much sadness that we spread the news that 2 iconic Canadian cloth diaper brands are closing their doors :( 

Bummis and Funky Fluff, who both had the same owners, announced their closures publicly on July 30, 2018.  We are re-posting the announcement below in it's entirety. 

All Bummis and Funky Fluff products are now available at clearance pricing with no warranty on our website.  Get what you can before it's gone HERE

It is with mixed emotions that we are announcing today that the Bummis and Funky Fluff brands will be going out of business for an undetermined period of time. 

The need to move our operations has put an enormous stress on us all and the financial viability of the operation is somewhat argueable. 
This decision is also very personal and is best for the well being of our families and our own health. We are exhausted and need to find ourselves as parents and as human beings. We became prisoners of our company and forgot ourselves. We have three young children and we owe them dozens of laughs, picnics and mountain walks and plenty of other missed occasions because of work. We have worked through death of family members, sickness, and other major events that should've deserved more attention.
Entrepreneurship comes with its share of sacrifices. We are fighters, people of conviction and passionate people. Unfortunately the financial reality of our market does not allow us to have every employee needed in the right position to have time to breathe ourselves. We are the heart, the hand and the head of our company. Bummis has been a tremendous achievement and we are proud to have generated more than 25 consecutive jobs in our manufacture in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.
Thank you for your infinite support. 
For the time being, we do not know what comes next. We will rest, build ourselves back up and maybe we'll see each other again!

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