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Are Cloth Diapers Really Better? {Guest Blogger Jenny Silverstone}

For the past few generations, parents have been using disposable diapers without Are Cloth Diapers Bettereven thinking about it. After all, that’s all you see on the shelves at major retailers. Many parents don’t even realize that cloth diapers are still an option today.

Cloth diapers have been thought to be a thing of the past. Something our grandmothers only did because they had no other choice. But it turns out; our ancestors had it right.

Even though cloth diapers come with a few extra loads of laundry, they provide incredible benefits for baby, parents, and the environment. And with the modern design of cloth diapers and all the new accessories, they are now easier to use than ever.

If you’re currently expecting, I encourage you to keep reading for a more in-depth look at the many benefits that cloth diapers have to offer.

Benefits for Babies

Even though cloth diapers are bulkier than disposables, the breathable, natural fibers tend to be more comfortable against your baby’s skin. They are also more difficult for your baby to rip off because you can get them with snaps now. No more dreaded safety pins either!

Not only are cloth diapers more comfortable for your baby, but they are also healthier as well. With cloth, your baby won’t be exposed to all those harmful chemicals that are found in disposables and can potentially lead to diaper rash, endocrine disruption, and even obesity. Just say no to chemicals and choose cloth.

Profits for Parents

It’s hard to say no to cloth diapers once you see how adorable your baby is in that fluff.  Modern cloth diapers come in a variety of styles and color/theme variations. With all the prints that they come in, your baby will look stylish for any occasion.

But, no matter what kind of cloth diapers you decide on investing it, they will be sure to save you money. You could save anywhere from $150 to over $1700 depending on how many you buy, which brand(s) you buy, and how many children you use them on.

If you take good care of your diapers, you can always resell them once you’re done with them. And even if they aren’t in the greatest condition, there are many other ways you can repurpose them, like using them for burp cloths, bibs, or even cleaning.

Money and the cuteness factor aren’t the only ways parents profit from cloth diapers. You will also have to deal with far fewer blowouts, will likely have an easier time potty training, and will have a supportive community in the cloth diaper world.

Kind On The Environment

Cloth diapers are always the right choice when it comes to the environment. With most Canadian parents using disposables, 2.4 billion diapers are ending up in landfills each year. And they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, as it’s estimated to take up to 500 years for disposable diapers to degrade.

Landfill waste isn’t the only issue with using disposables though; Worldwide, a staggering 1 billion trees are cut down in the production of disposable diapers each year.

Cloth diapers in turn require far fewer resources to produce than disposables. That includes the water required to launder them as well. Did you know it takes 34 liters of water to produce just ONE disposable diaper?

If you commit to an energy-efficient and water-wise laundry regimen, you can sleep easy knowing that you are actively making an effort to fight off the ozone depletion and reduce environmental strain on the planet we live.

The Bottom Line

Over the past few generations, things have been about ease, efficiency, and convenience.  But there are some cases where convenience just doesn’t cut it. It turns out, our ancestors were wise to use cloth diapers, as they come with numerous benefits for baby, parents, and the environment.

Cloth diapers are cuter, more comfortable, and healthier for baby. They save parents money and set you up for easier potty training, and they also reduce waste and conserve resources. If these benefits have you considering cloth, then be sure to check out all that Cloth Diaper Kids has to offer and find the diapers that will work best for your family.


About The Author

Jenny Silverstone is a mother of two, a blogger, a writer at Studyclerk, and the mama and editor at Mom Loves Best behind She loves writing about and promoting eco-friendly parenting methods such as cloth diapering, babywearing, and breastfeeding.


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