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5 Ways Your Baby's Crib Sheet Is Failing You

5 Ways Your Baby's Crib Sheet Is Failing You

And how the Lil Helper SleepSaver Crib Sheet solves the problems you didn't know you had.

Lil Helper SleepSaver Crib Sheet

#1 - Regular Crib Sheets Are Not Absorbent

Regular crib sheets don't absorb much and that's a problem with babies. Babies spit up, diapers might overflow, babies can be sweaty, but worst of all babies can puke. A crib sheet with absorbency is what you want. Take it from a seasoned parent. Midnight puke is my worst nightmare.

The Lil Helper SleepSaver has built-in absorbency between the layers trapping most of the offending liquid before it can be spread around.

 #2 - Regular Crib Sheets Are Not Waterproof

See point number one and add to that the fact that you don't want any baby liquids soiling your crib mattress underneath. Crib mattresses are not cheap and if you want to keep them in good shape for more than one child to use, they need to be clean. Enter the mattress protector. But why put on a protector and then a crib sheet when Lil Helper SleepSavers are 2 in 1? They have a waterproof backing so once the inner core is done absorbing, the wetness isn't making it to the mattress. Smart - and better than buying a separate crib sheet and then a mattress protector. 

#3 - Regular Crib Sheets Aren't That Soft

Cotton isn't overly soft, and parents aren't generally buying high thread count sheets for baby, but we all know babies like soft stuffed animals, soft blankies and snuggly things. That's why the top layer of the SleepSaver Crib Sheet is MINKY. Yes! Minky. This fabric is like the softest velvet you've ever touched and babies just love how they feel. Does that mean more sleep for you? Haha. Perhaps. But you can rest assured that even the most delicate newborn will appreciate the luxurious softness. 

#4 - Regular Crib Sheets Stain

Ordinary crib sheets made from ordinary fabrics can stain easily. If the blueberries baby ate before bed or the formula they chugged comes back up, those stains might stick around to remind you even after laundering. But the minky fabric on the Lil Helper Crib Sheets resists staining, even the nasty ones so it comes out sparkly clean every wash.

#5 - Regular Sheets Are Well, Regular

Investing in high quality baby products so they can be passed down for future siblings is always a good idea. Baby will be spending a lot of time on those sheets so best to get what you pay for don't you agree? Lil Helper crib sheets are durable, high quality, will last for all 5 of your babies (wink wink) and can still be passed down to friends or cousins too.

Plus they come in some pretty fantastic prints to match any nursery decor.

See the cute prints NOW

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