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5 Tips For Travelling With Babies in Cloth Diapers

5 Tips For Travelling With Babies in Cloth Diapers

Sometimes travelling with babies, toddlers or bigger kids seems like a ton of effort and if you have a baby or two in cloth it's one more thing to pack.

Here's some quick tips that helped me to make taking your diapers along the simplest part of your packing.

Pack your bamboo, cotton, and hemp, and leave the microfibre at home (or take it only or layering with natural fabrics). Microfibre can be prone to compression leaking in carseats and baby carriers especially if you go a little longer than usual between changes and the inserts are very saturated.

If you are using an unfamiliar washing machine or handwashing while away, opt for the easiest to clean diapers. Prefolds or flats with covers are a good bet. They are easy to wash, fast to dry (even hang drying) and if you are planning to store diapers to wash when you get home, they will be easier to get clean if they've been sitting for a few days too. If you can't wash while away consider covers with biodegradable GroVia BioSoakers instead of fabric inserts.

No diaper sprayer on the go? No problem. Pack disposable liners to deal with poop easily or pack an empty dishsoap or peri bottle to fill with water and use as a sprayer. It's also a good idea to take some of your own laundry detergent if you don't know what might be available at your destination. As for nighttime diapers? Give those a good rinse out under the tub faucet before storing in your wet bag so there's less urine breaking down into ammonia between washes.

Be prepared and pack extra wet bags and extra diapers. You never know. Things can easily be misplaced or baby could be eating/drinking different foods and their potty habits might change. You don't want to be caught without either so take some extras.

Traveling with kids is not a vacation. There I said it. It can be tough and stressful and tiring. If that's how you're feeling, here's your permission (not that you need it) to switch to disposables if that's what's best for your situation. If you're concerned about environmental impact, take heart that it's for a short time, your sanity while travelling is important and there are options of disposables that are better choices when or if you need them.  NEST plant-based diapers for example are 80% biodegradable. 

And now that your diapers are ready to go don't forget to pack other essentials for baby like:
- Bottles and formula if you use it
- Water bottles
- Snacks...all the snacks
- Pyjamas (I always forget those 🙄)
- Winter gear if you're in a cold climate
- Toothbrushes
- Mama cloth, or a menstrual solution if it's going to be your time of month
- 1549 soothers if your baby uses a pacifier
- Comfort stuffy or favorite blanket
*PRO PARENTING TIP* - Don't lose your kid's favorite stuffy in the snowy parking lot of an A&W. Not that we ever did that. No way. Not us.

We hope your family 'vacation' is restful and full of family fun and sweet memories ❤️

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